Surviving the Long Lunch

Whether it’s a business lunch or a weekend social lunch here are a few tips that might just get you through a guilt free long lunch.

Choose Wisely – if you have the privilege of choosing the location of the lunch, you are already on your way to keeping your healthy eating plan in check when it comes to the long lunch. Choosing a location where you can make wise food choices and that has a good range of fresh, healthier choices affords you the peace of mind that survival will be a little easier for you. Choosing a cuisine that tends to have fresher options and include plenty of vegetables helps increase the nutrient density of the dishes. While reducing the calories, you still need to exercise caution when choosing a dish, but these cuisines make it easier.

Choosing wisely isn’t just about the location, more importantly it is what you select from the menu. At most restaurants and cafes a description of what a dish consists of, is often written on the menu, but if it is not, it is worth asking the staff to give you a summary. One thing especially important to watch is whether the dish comes with vegetables or salad included. It is easy to miss out on your vegetables at lunch if you assume they come included in your dish and then find when the meal arrives that they are not. If there aren’t vegetables included in the dish, most establishments will have some vegetables available as side dishes and these can often be shared amongst a number of people.

Be cautious of cream or butter based sauces as these add a large number of calories to your meal without adding very many other nutrients. Watch out for breads at the beginning of the meal, as it is easy to overeat on these before your meal arrives at the table, because you’re hungry.Get more informations of  lunch places

Pace yourself, and plan what you’re going to eat for the rest of the meal, so that you don’t peak early and eat lots of the starter and then still try to fit in dessert at the end. If you look at the menu and know you would like a dessert, skip on the starter or if you prefer the starter choose that and skip on the dessert. Don’t rely on your instinct when you’re hungry, if you can get the menu ahead of time and even pre-order, it not only makes the long lunch more time efficient, it stops you from ordering too much food when you’re hungry and then over eating unnecessarily.

Have a spacer -A spacer is a drink that you have between alcoholic beverages that ultimately reduces the total number of drinks you have. Water is a great spacer, not only to reduce your alcoholic beverages but also, to help slow down your eating and therefore, prevent you from eating too much, especially if the food is tapas or finger food at a cocktail function.

Savour each mouthful. Eat slowly and really taste the food, it will allow you to enjoy the food more and it will reduce the quantity you consume.

Don’t view a food as forbidden, instead allow yourself to have it, enjoy it and savour it and make allowances for the food in your intake and adjust your eating knowing that you will have treat food at your long lunch. If you forbid a food, and try to resist having it, you may find that you will eat a number of other things (some not so great choices) to try and avoid the forbidden food and then in the end, end up consuming the forbidden food as well. Whereas if you savour and enjoy the food without making it forbidden you will probably find that you just eat that food and not all the rest of the foods you may have eaten to stop your self eating the “forbidden” food.