Buy Nightbane TBC Gold Guide

With all of the WoW gold farming guides available how do you find the right WoW guide for gold? With some research you can find several guides that should work for you. It is important to read up on anything you are thinking about purchasing, that way you get what you really want.

The first step I recommend is that you read up on the authors. If the author does not play World of Warcraft chances are that it is not going to be a really good guide. As someone who plays World of Warcraft, you should understand that some parts of the game can get confusing, even if you know the game; so imagine trying to follow instructions from someone that does not play. It is probably not going to be the right WoW guide for gold for you.

The second step would be to see how current it is. Anyone that plays World of Warcraft should know about the current expansion set, which right now is The Wrath of the Lich King. If the guide does not mention anything about the current expansion, the tips are probably out of date. There might still be some tips that are useful, but it is not going to be the best WoW gold farming guide Lvl 80.

The third step would be to see if they supply any updates. Even if it is the most up to date guide you can get, chances are some of the tips will not apply after the next World of Warcraft patch is released, which seems to happen frequently. There is nothing worse than to find out that the guide you just spent $50 on last week is no longer any good to you.

There are more things to consider when looking for the perfect WoW guide for gold, or any WoW guide for that matter, but you will be better off if you make sure these few things are covered. There are several guides that just don’t include these simple things, so be sure and do some research before you buy.