Twilight Party Ideas For Tweens and Teens

Twilight Party Ideas are here! Are you as into Twilight as I am? I love the books Stephanie Meyer has written. The characters, the plot, everything about them thrills me. I know lots of Tweens and teenagers are into the Twilight craze that is sweeping the nation too

If your child has read all the books in the saga and has seen the movie too…why not use a Twilight birthday party theme for their next birthday. I’ll bet they will jump for joy when you suggest it Mom. It’s an easy party theme to plan and decorate for.You can get additional information at college videos.Image result for Teens Twilight Party

Twilight Invitations

Twilight party invitations can be as simple as printing a bookmark from an online site and writing the information on the back…Who, What, When, Where…and not only will your guests have an invite, they will have a bookmark too. There are lots more ideas out there so visit some party sites online if you’d like a more detailed invitation.

Twilight Party Decorations

Party decorations for a Twilight party are easy to plan and to purchase. If you have a large decorating budget you can buy cutouts. These are life size stand ups of Edward and Bella, and they come in a few other characters too. Won’t that be an amazing site for your party guests to see. Imagine their shock when they see Edward or Bella standing in the party room.

The cutouts are a fun party idea but they’re not right for everyone. You can print out some pictures of the cast of Twilight and put them into picture frames and scatter them about the room. You can get tiny lights in black or red and decorate with them. You can even stand the books around the room. The main colors on the books are red and black and those colors would make for quite a dramatic decorating touch.

You can find magazines with the stars of the movie on the covers and spread them about the room too. Anything with Edward, Bella, anyone from the Cullen family and Jacob will help to set the mood.

Twilight Party Game Ideas
You can play games that relate to the movie. Twilight trivia is a fun party game, but the kids today really know their trivia so be sure to have a couple sets of trivia questions. Make the second one more difficult than the first so it’s a challenge to everyone.

Another fun game idea is Twilight bingo. Make bingo cards and use stickers or write character names in each of the boxes. Write down each word or sticker you use on small pieces of paper. Fold the paper up and put it in a bowl. These papers will serve as your bingo balls! Have the caller pick one and read it, while the players cross off their boards.Fill fortune cookies with twilight quotes, or read off a quote and let’s see if anyone knows who said it. Almost everything can be made into a game. You might decide that a party in your house is not exactly what you are looking for, so bring your daughter or son and your party guests to the theatre to watch the movie. Stop on the way home for some pizza and birthday cake. This is a nice way to let the kids enjoy themselves, have a night out and not have to clean up any messes. I love to be easy on myself, especially when it means I get to go out and enjoy myself! If you or your child have not read the Twilight Saga, the books might be a great birthday present idea.