Water Filter-At A Glance

This type of system is well suited for many different water type situations where mineral & salt removal is not desired. Relating to the example above, a good Particle Filtration unit is an excellent choice for the mineral-soft & high-turbidity water of the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Reverse Osmosis, reverse Osmosis systems usually consist of a basic particle filtration system combined with a semi-permeable membrane which separates impurities from water. These systems effectively remove contaminants from water, however, there are several disadvantages to be aware of: high-turbidity water will quickly pollute the membrane and degrade water quality, requiring frequent maintenance up to four litres of water will be water for each litre of purified water produced bacteria & parasite filtering can be less effective than submicron filtration.healthy minerals can be stripped and water & alkalinity can be reduced (alkaline water is considered healthier to consume) water can taste flat, high cost to purchase & maintain.

Distillation-Distillers produce water by boiling water and then condensing the purified steam. The characteristics of these systems are very similar to Reverse Osmosis in that contaminants are effectively removed with some similar disadvantages including: healthy minerals can be stripped and water & alkalinity can be reduced (alkaline water is considered healthier to consume) water can taste flat high cost to purchase & maintain including high electricity costs to run the system.You may find more details about this at water filter systems.

UV Disinfection-Ultraviolet Disinfection uses light to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. It is effective in ensuring water is free of bacteria and parasites. There are two classes of systems. Class A systems will kill harmful bacteria and viruses while Class B systems are les powerful and are designed to make non-disease-causing bacteria (aka nuisance bacteria) inactive. Due to lack of filtration, UV Disinfection should be used in combination with one of the other above mentioned purification methods.

Maintenance-And finally, once you have achieved the water quality you desire, maintenance is necessary to maintaining quality and getting the best out of your investment. No matter what your water quality situation and what type of system you choose, property maintenance is critical. Without proper maintenance, water quality will degrade to a point where you would be better off using no system at all! For example, when filters are not changed in a system for an extended period of time, bacterial growth will inevitably occur. Many service provides are happy to set a standing order to make maintenance visits (if your system requires it) or automatically ship you replacement filter cartridges. Take advantage of this value-add and make sure your investment in water purification continues to provide you with clean & pure water for many years to come.